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Seamless Floor Coatings

We offer residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional floor coatings. Our coatings require little to no maintenance, and have a long lifespan.

What Makes Us Unique

 Customer Service

DPC engages the customer from the outset to ensure that the proper materials are chosen for the environment and condition of the surface. We guarantee satisfaction.


We understand that downtime and disruptions for maintenance, repair and replacement can be costly for your business. DPC strives to work swiftly to keep your costs and closure times low without compromising details critical to surface preparation.


There’s a lot of aspects to consider when applying a protective coating, and it’s critical to have a vast understanding of each of these components and how they properly fit together.


DPC is an application specialist completely independent from chemical manufacturers, so we are not tied to a specific product which greatly opens up the number of options we can use to find a solution that best fulfills your needs and meets the application criteria.